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The talented (talent) and the skilled person (shokunin) use their skilled techniques and hands to create their works. In the polished workplace, Master Huang has been searching for technical depth for more than 30 years, leading the company team to use his experience, strength and trajectory. Materials, to throw out the most perfect finished product, have confidence in their own works, do not compromise because of money and time constraints, as long as it is promised to deliver the work, even if it ultimately leads to loss of interest, it will be fully completed. Professional team, standard SOP, precision technology, this is the "artisan spirit" of the polished and polished PUN Daren team.

☑ Metal surface treatment

☑ Polishing Metal plating

☑ Automobile metal parts

☑ Motor metal parts

☑ Hardware Accessories

☑ Technology Accessories

☑ Bicycle metal parts

Services: Metal polishing,metal plating,metal paint,automobile metal parts,Motor metal parts,Hardware Accessories,Technology Accessories,bicyle metal parts

Welcome to call us at 0989-687-658 (Mr. Huang/Allen)

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No.22, Lane 122, Second Section, Minwan Road, Luanqu District, New Taipei City




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