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Diecast aluminum valve covers are precision-cast from high-grade aluminum. 

Provide available in multiple designs and finishes.
Provide all kinds of classic car parts development and casting.


Metal Polishing Team

Various types of aluminum alloy, iron, zinc, copper, and other metal polishing and hairline finish. Stamping, pressure casting, dewaxing casting, gravity casting,CNC lathes,etc.

Taiwan "OEM" Service
From mold development to die casting, polishing, electroplating, painting, packaging, and subsequent quality inspection, we strictly control each process to produce high-quality products for customers, providing a complete "OEM、ODM" service to provide customers with convenience and peace of mind

Metal Plating & Metal painting
Various types of metal polishing, metal plating, metal spray paint,etc.17b332babe7914e2e4952002d37f386c.jpge9fb2d5a6d82d72ee92c5be30848a3ae.jpg


☑ Metal polishing 

☑ Metal plating

☑ Metal paint

☑ Automobile parts

☑ Moto parts

☑ Various metals

☑ Hardware metals

☑ OEM Service

☑ ODM Service